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Application Period & Process

Applications will be made available online and at the school throughout the dates of December 2 through April 1 of each year for enrollment in the upcoming school year. Any North Carolina student of elementary and middle school years is eligible to apply. The Institute for the Development of Young Leaders will receive completed applications for enrollment by posted deadline by email, U.S. mail or in person at the front office of the school. All applicants who submit a completed application during the application period and meets the legal admission requirements shall be eligible.

If The Institute For The Development Of Young Leaders is over-subscribed at the end of the enrollment period, then all the applications go into the lottery.

The lottery is a system of random selection of applications that identifies students for enrollment and then generates the school's waiting list. During the lottery process all completed and accepted applications submitted during the enrollment period are publicly drawn in random order until capacity is reached and the remainder is placed on the waiting list. The public lottery will occur soon after the closure of the enrollment period. School will choose the lottery drawing at a publicly announced parent teacher meeting, school board of trustees meeting, or a community meeting.

Lottery Process:

The time, date and place of the lottery shall be clearly stated on the application form. The lottery shall be open to the general public. Separate individuals will draw, record, and verify the results of the lottery. The lottery will be random with each applicant having an equal opportunity to be selected. The lottery shall continue until all eligible applicants have been selected and the remainder placed on a priority listing in order of selection. The Institute For The Development Of Young Leaders will place those applications received by the deadline in order of their submission on a priority list and then all other applications should be placed after them in order of their submission on that priority list. As class space becomes available, The Institute For The Development Of Young Leaders will offer enrollment to the applicants in the order they appear on the priority listing until the school has offered enrollment to the number of applicants equal to the number of available positions in the class, or grade level for which the lottery is being conducted. Any offer of enrollment will be sent by mail with a deadline within a time frame by which an applicant must accept the offer. If an applicant does not accept enrollment by the specified deadline, the school shall offer enrollment to the next applicant on the priority listing. Applications received after May 3rd will be added to the priority listing for that class or grade level that they are applying for, in the order in which they were received. If more than one application is received simultaneously, a lottery will determine placement If, prior to the end of the enrollment period a position becomes available in the, class, or grade level for which a priority listing exists, then the school shall offer enrollment in that class, or grade level to the next applicant on the priority listing.

Priority Listing:

The Priority listing will remain in place for the applicable enrollment period. After such time, a new priority listing will be created based on the next year’s applicant pool. The application process will start new each year with all interested applicants needing to re- apply.


Process for Admission:

Completion and submission of student application form by parent or legal guardian by due date Applicants will receive confirmation of being in the lottery, the date, time and place. All lottery names will be placed in a large container and the volunteer(s) will draw cards from the container. This will be a public lottery and openings will be filled in each grade and class in the order drawn. A numbered waiting list for each grade level may be established to fill slots that become available at a later date during the academic year. In the opening year, 150 student seats will be available (20 seats per grade K-6).

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